Business philosophy

Nowadays, the key element for a company to stand out and win over business is to maintain the core competencies of competitiveness, especially under the modern free market that is open to competitions. It has been proved by experience that a well-established work culture, as the core competence of ASG, has built a solid foundation to help ASG to expand its market.

Being our core values, the work culture that has been established from years of experience becomes the invisible treasure to us, as one of our strongest advantages over other industry competitors. With our culture, ASG has been able to make all the achievements in the past. We truly believe that it will also lead us to a broader future.

As the core of our work culture, it emphasizes the importance of helping with the professional developments for our staff. Employees are important to ASG, with our comprehensive and well-thought plans, we would like to train our employees to be better at their jobs and  love the work they are doing.

At the heart of our work culture for over decades,  ASG has been educating our staff with the "four-heart" philosophy, training them to love our customers and colleagues, love our community and family in order to build the "one heart for you" image as a corporate.

ASG believes: honesty, cooperation, education, innovation.

ASG strategies: Good quality wins the market, smart branding makes the success.

ASG purposes: offer our customers the best service, contribute to our community with support, treat our staff as family, love our family as always
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